Features & Benefits



Public agencies are required to fulfill hundreds of municipal lien search requests each month. However, providing tracking and transparency over the entire lifecycle of these requests can be challenging without LienSysGov software. LienSysGov software is based on Microsoft technology, which allows public agencies to efficiently process municipal lien search requests received digitally/online. LienSysGov delivers end to end integration between municipalities and private companies requesting municipal lien search services.

LienSysGov Benefits

LienSysGov includes the benefits listed below and more.

Benefits List

  • Zero TCO. Zero total cost of ownership. There is no initial configuration cost, support cost, upgrade cost or hosting cost to run LienSysGov.
  • Increase revenue. Municipalities using LienSysGov can potentially increase revenue by $1.00 per each municipal lien search transaction they fulfill. If approved by the municipality we will refund $1.00 of our profit per each transaction processed by LienSysGov.
  • Streamlined operation. LienSysGov delivers faster, more accurate, paperless municipal lien search request processing.

LienSysGov Features

LienSys Gov includes the features listed below and more.

Features List

  • Customer Portal. Online new municipal lien search request intake form.
  • Online Payments. PCI DSS compliant secure online payments.
  • Request Tracking. A new tracking number is assigned to each municipal lien search request.
  • Online Request Fulfillment. Municipal lien search requests are delivered via email as PDF attachments to the requestor.